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Stove & Fireplace Sales, Expert Service & Professional Installations in
New Hampshire and Southern Maine

If you are looking for anything to do with wood, pellet or gas heat (stoves, fireplaces or inserts), or their chimneys and flue systems call us! We can start from scratch or repair/replace what is already there.

Technology in the industry has advanced, new wood stoves produce more useable heat more safely than ever before, and pellet stoves are even cleaner to operate, with wonderful heat output, correctly and legally installed gas stoves and fireplaces produce beautiful realistic flames, and "burning surfaces" from logs to glass stones.

We are legally licensed for installing and servicing gas hearth products in both Maine and New Hampshire.*


Regency Gas Fireplace Warms Your Home Safely
Wood, and some gas units can heat your home safely, without electricity.

Call us today for your personal consultation and estimate.

We sell a variety of brands but we can install and/or service any brand of wood stove /insert, pellet stove /insert, gas fireplace or gas stove/insert.

We practice what we preach - we heat our home with a pellet stove, we haven't used oil for heat for over 10 years, keep the thermostat set at 70, and pay 1/3 of what we did for oil heat - and we had the thermostat set much lower when burning oil!.

We work all 12 months of the year!

We are not your typical stove shop, in fact we don't own a stove shop (nor do we sell fences, hot tubs, do landscaping, sell patio furniture and other things "professional stove shops" do). We only sell and install hearth products. We come out to your home and do a site inspection and consultation with you. We will help you determine what can be installed into your home, that will accomplish your goals. We can do the entire job, from design to finish including the carpentry, installation of liner or metal chimney or venting, hearth, stone/brick or tile walls and floor protection, so that your home is warm, stays safe, and looks beautiful.

Very often stove shops have a wide variety of display units, but the sales people do not install or maintain these types of units, so although they know what you like the looks of, they don't know what will physically work in your home, whether you have clearance issues that need to be fixed (especially hidden clearance to combustible problems), the best placement for the chimney/venting, the specific requirements of that chimney and venting....
so they sell you a stove that "looks good" and hand you a business card of someone they have a deal with to install anything they sell. And hope you come back for a picnic table later.

We have been installing and maintaining stoves, inserts, fireplaces and chimneys for over 25 years.

We know from experience that one size never fits all, and we treat you as an individual. We only use the best products on our installations to ensure that your home and family are safe and that your system will last and provide warmth in your home for years to come. We want your appliance to work the way you want, look the way you want and be something that you enjoy having in your home -  whether you want something purely as a back up heat source, or a fireplace to gather family and friends around on cold winter evenings, or something that is a functional primary heat source but still fits in with your decorating style (traditional or modern). We can help you find what you need that really fits into your home, your lifestyle and is installed correctly to keep your family safe.

A major cause of structural fires is improper installations of hearth/heating appliances and their chimneys or venting systems.  Cheap, quick installs are usually not proper installs. Checking for and maintaining proper clearances, airspaces, and looking for hidden combustibles is essential (for ANY heating appliance). Manufacturer's instructions and NFPA 211 National Fire Codes have to be adhered to, they exist to protect you, your family and your home.

National Fire Codes and Manufacturer's instructions must be followed to keep you and your home safe. We always meet these requirements when we install any unit. No compromises, your safety is too important and protecting your home is worth doing it right.

The brands of stoves, fireplaces and inserts that we carry offer a wide range of options. For a look at all the stoves/fireplaces and inserts we carry please see our main site's Hearth Products page.

A pellet stove installed with a flat screen TV above it and stonewrok with wooden beams
The insert in this picture is a pellet insert, there was no fireplace, just a wall with 2 large windows that had no view. It is now a functional heat source, with "Castle Stone" and bookcases /media storage shelves on either side and a flat screen tv above.

Below is the conversion of wood to gas in the fireplaces at "Wentworth By The Sea" in New Castle, NH. What an honor to help upgrade the units in their dining room and lobby. The hotel is truly one of the last "Grand Hotels" We have also upgraded all the gas fireplaces in their luxury suites.


Above is a very clean, modern feel gas fireplace, the unit was installed on a "blank wall" we built the fireplace for the gas unit from scratch. The owner was very pleased with the outcome and recent guests were confused, they couldn't remember how it looked before because the unit blended in so well.

So even if you don't have a fireplace system to start with, we can still help you get the room that you have always dreamed of. This gas unit makes the room warm and inviting and is an excellent secondary heat source as well, especially during power outages.

The first picture shown above is a renovation of an old outdated "heatilator" style fireplace, transformed into a new gas fireplace with tiles instead of bricks (the homeowner had always hated the appearance of the bricks but didn't think anything could be done about it).

The homeowner is a woman in her 70s that didn't want to be hauling logs, cleaning up ashes and having difficulties lighting fires. She wanted something that looked nice in her living room, provided an easy to start, no mess fire for ambiance when she had friends or family over, and a back up heat source when the power goes out (many gas fireplaces work without power).

The before picture was taken after the wooden mantel and brick hearth had been removed, the mantel was the same color as the floor, she repainted green it to match the room better, we added the trim down the sides to complete the frame and cover the edges where the tile met the wallpaper. The insert was black and stuck out even further into a small living room making one whole corner of the room appear "heavy" and dark. Now it looks much "lighter", cleaner and does not appear to protrude into the room. All her objectives were accomplished.

Whatever your style or needs we can help you get the look, and the safe heat source, that you want. Never assume that because you don't have a fireplace or chimney to start with, or have one that you hate, that we can't fix it. It's your home, it should look and feel the way you want.



For more about us, what we do and a full list of the services and products we provide please go to our main website Chestnut Hill Chimney & Hearth or our site specifically about chimney sweeping.

Lately we have had people calling asking how long we maintain quotes on file. That answer is actually in 2 parts: Quoted prices are good for 30 days unless otherwise specified. However we try to keep quotes on file forever. So if you called us for a quote years ago, yes we still know who you are, what you wanted then and will be happy to continue right where we left off. Or even if you had someone else do the work but aren't satisfied with the results we can help you fix what is wrong and make it right (that happens more often than people realize). Don't be afraid to call us back, whether its been a few weeks or years, we still value you as a customer and are happy to have the opportunity to serve you.

For more samples of our work see our Gallery of Good Ideas, for our brands click

*Chestnut Hill Chimney & Hearth, is a licensed Mechanical Business Entity in NH (MBE1500864) for being able to install gas hearth appliances, plus individual licenses. Mark is a licensed Propane and Natural Gas Technician in Maine, which means that we can install and service gas hearth appliances in both NH & ME (both states have laws which require these licenses for anyone who works on or installs any gas appliance). Mark also teaches the NFI certification classes on a local and national level, as well as classes for fire departments, building inspectors, insurance agents, and homeowners. He conducts fire investigations for insurance or legal claims, and has helped investigate chimney frauds in both New Hampshire and Maine. Both Mark and David are NFI Certified Master Hearth Professionals which encompasses individual certifications for wood, gas and pellet appliances.

Contact: call Laura to set up an appointment at (603) 755-4835
or email Mark at chcs@metrocast.net for any technical questions

We are located in Farmington, NH. Our service area includes (but is not limited to): NH Strafford County area: Farmington- 03835, Rochester- 03867, 03868, 03839, Somersworth- 03878, Dover- 03820, Rollinsford- 03869, Durham- 03824, Barrington- 03825. "Our" Southern NH:  Portsmouth- 03801, Deerfield- 03037, Stratham- 03885, Northwood- 03261, Newington- 03801, Newfields- 03856 , Epping- 03042, Hampton- 03842, Rye- 03870, 03871. "Our" Northern NH : New Durham- 03855, Alton- 03809, Alton Bay- 03810, Union- 03887, Milton- 03851, Milton Mills- 03852, Wakefield and East Wakefield- 03830, Sanbornville- 03872, Wolfeboro- 03894, Gilford- 03249. "Our" Western NH: Lee- 03824, Strafford- 03884, Barnstead- 03218, Center Barnstead- 03225, Gilmanton Iron Works- 03837, and to our North or South East (i.e. Maine): Berwick- 03901, South Berwick- 03908, North Berwick- 03906, Sanford- 04073, Kittery- 03904, Kittery Point- 03905, York- 03909, York Beach- 03910, Eliot- 03903, Lebanon- 04027, Acton- 04001.



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